The Pagan Collective Project

(Name Subject to Change Later)

This is a Community subject to change. The Mission behind this project is simple: Give pagan members a common ground in which to discuss and affirm new community guidelines, documents, creeds, beliefs and more for a Post Pagan Generation movement.

We are no longer the Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner, Scott Cunningham community where we are afraid to speak the word Satan, and recognize that we are a pagan community in general as a whole just starting out, we have been out for a very long time.

We seek to propose that a New Council of Pagans, witches and shamans be made, several people recognized for their efforts to sustain a peaceful way of living life for online and offline life, gathers and festivals in addition to stores/shops and services and resources. New Redes, New Charges, written by Pagans like YOU. (Yes, you). These are modern times. Our Paganism Commune needs to be modern as well.

What we need from you: To get in touch. I created this on ning because it has a membership community, become involved and help develop the new pagan generation community project along with me and anyone else joining.

Fairness Act: All Pagans, even neo, druid, occult, etc Goddess worshipper, celebrator, or non belief in a God/dess may also comment, join and participate, any community may be represented, etc. We also invite any old community pagans still around in to this project as well. Let’s find our common ground. Be fair also – no stealing ideas to make another community from this one. That is bad form.

Please see the sticky post about this ideal on the blog.

Do not join this blog or follow it to come at us by a negative approach, we are not doing this to fit in or gain traction or to be popular or well known for our crafts. That is very empty way to live. I am pretty well known enough already and so? I like being able to help, organize, help people realize a better way of going on about something. If you don’t then well don’t hinder progress. Just step to the side, please.

If you don’t like this idea you are free to pass us on by.

–Ana Massien