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  • Ana Massien 9:30 pm on January 12, 2020 Permalink
    Tags: fools, not me, warning   

    A warning 

    Some men are following this blog with sexual suggestive topics attached to their account. I am a woman. It takes more than mere words to make me feel attracted to someone, and I don’t care to have attraction towards my followers on wordpress, so not the point of me or this blog project.

    What such words you wonder?

    (Penis, Breasts, Boobies, Sex, ass etc..) I will also block/mute the followers should they hope I get triggered by seeing these words. Please grow up.

    — Ana Massien

  • Ana Massien 11:41 pm on January 4, 2020 Permalink  

    Well look what I have been working on this evening:
    Pagan Collective Wikia

  • Ana Massien 9:50 am on December 31, 2019 Permalink
    Tags: advertising, , donations,, social network, welcome 

    I am also inviting whoever would like to join a new social network/community who maybe can not find a good host and a pagan website where you can be social without paying 50/200$ dollars for an upgraded plan. It is the same as but this domain did not really help our cause, so we became (and no, I am not trying to compete with the new My site is on hiveflare which has about the same properties as phpfox does, which we all wish we could afford because they have more themes, but we are working on making this social more active.

    You can create a profile/page and a group and our groups are like mini social networks themselves, you can also theme your pages, profiles and groups the way you would like – with emotes, hashtags and even @mention.

    Our donations/sponsorships allow you to advertise on our site for only 10.00 a month or 23.00 quarterly. If you become a regular sponsor you will receive a %5 discount on any remaining advertising during the year. You will also be able to upload music which is similar to spotify, and have a sponsor badge on your avatar. Please consider a visit! If you have any questions, I can answer them on the chat, just change your name and let’s have a chat if you like.

    #advertising, #anamassien, #donations, #paganbook-space, #social-network, #welcome
  • Ana Massien 9:39 am on December 31, 2019 Permalink
    Tags: assignments, New years, , , pages, writings   

    Happy New Year! 

    I know we all celebrate this on Samhain, and or Beltane for the southern hemisphere for some (??) But today is the last day of the year, last day of the 2010’s decade. Allot has happened to me in the last ten years and I am sure many of you feel the same. I became Chronically ill, My fibro and RA shot forward and the way I live my life now is way different than my 20’s and early 30’s and part of that is Craft and shaman related. Shaman is more than a culture or two of islanders and natives and I know people have issues with some white girl calling herself a shaman, when she isn’t wearing a headdress or a bone in the nose (I asked for one at the tattoo parlour but they said they no longer harvest bones for that kind of thing. lol) I am joking!

    I have had many lives, and in all of them I was a shaman and I still retain that knowledge and wisdom, so bite this white girl. 🙂 You will just have to get over it.

    I am still waiting to hear from you all about remaking what we consider Pagan values. That homework assignment, such as a new “rede” or code of ethics, new charges of the God and the Goddess. To put us in a more modern area with our crafts, respectfully. I will write my own versions of these soon, and list them here under pages. You can also include art work with your “paper”. You can save it to .pdf or .rtf or .txt if you like, and send them via the comment form, or even email me at

    I am inviting all new witches, pagans, as well as older and even elderly members of the craft to do these things. I want everyone to have a voice, and you can submit things at any time, even after deadline of January 5th I think I said? I am on a new medicine and it is working! All of you with fibro and RA, PTSD and SAD please ask your doctors about COGENTIN. It’s for people with parkingson’s condition (I will never call this a disease) but it also helps side effects of other medicines like seroquil, which I also take and it gives me stiff muscles. It does help that, but it is a total mood enhancer, and you will feel amazingly out going and helpful to others. You may even talk to people again (who are not a doctor lol) and go outside and wander around. Isn’t that amazing? Just give it a try! It will cause dry mouth (keep water or flavored water handy) but over all the pros here outweigh the cons.

    I also want to thank the current followers we have now on the blog. Feel free to also write some things you would like for the over all new paganism moment and send them in, it’s your work, your words. We only link to the article on a page.

    Have a safe and happy new year eve and day tomorrow, and be safe and don’t drink and drive, or talk on your cell phones, in the cars because its almost totally illegal now to do!

    Thanks and Blessings,

    Ana Massien

    Shaman White Girl

    #assignments, #new-years, #pagan-collective, #pagan-news, #pages, #writings
  • Ana Massien 10:59 am on December 23, 2019 Permalink
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    Been Live about two weeks 

    I can already see this project lacks willpower. Everyone basically does their own thing anyway, In regards to websites or a coven or circle and bases it just enough on the old creeds of witchcraft to make it be pagan. Most pagans think if they have a blog and twitter, they are successful enough to be themselves and then some have a tarot reading here and there, a new book, some cloaks and or some furniture.

    So with this in mind, I will create some new works, doctrines and I will put myself and my websites under the new pagan community collective which is to be known as NPCC unless I coin a better term, and soon I will add the new doctrines here.

    YOU can still submit things however. I want the public to know that we will always be here so you can ask questions, get advice and even submit your own works, and even experiences.

    We still seek 34 new council members. YOU can apply at any time. You’ll need to submit these questions with answers however (fb group coming for this too)

    1. Name, age, tradition, how long been in paganism, magick.
    2. You basic belief structures.
    3. Bisexual, straight or Gay? Fairness act allows everyone to network regardless of my beliefs.
    4. State/City/Country or Province, phone number for telegram chat.
    5. Do You promise to be active and participate? Chat and Invite others, and submit works?
    6. Are you clergy, in a coven, circle, solitary etc?

    You will need to check in at least once a week and devote at least an hour of your time every day, and then you will have to meet up for chats every bi weekly or month.

    IF you agree to these clauses, submit your works or application here as a reply or in email.

    #news, #pagan-collective, #pagan-news
  • Ana Massien 7:00 am on December 13, 2019 Permalink  

    Hello everyone, We are not apart of this website and blog and their not apart of us, but because of the domain I just wanted to clarify:

    When we have our new community, its website may be on wordpress self hosted (which is cheaper than hosting) and our community name will change to something we all decide on and it will not be pagancollective related. Right now we are just ironing out the general details of which we want to take action on. I too, will be writing redes, creeds, code of ethics and charges as well, and we as a general community of all who participate will and can lead into a more desirable future.

  • Ana Massien 5:46 am on December 13, 2019 Permalink
    Tags: , NewRedes, , Paganism, , PaganNews,   

    Community Assignments
    1. The first thing I’d like to see from people (other than joining and participation) is their own version of a New Wiccan Rede not just as a poem but as a Guideline for Magick purposes, make it however long you want or short, using your own styles.

    2. I want to see your own versions of the God/dess Charge of. Charge of the God/Goddess however long or short you want. (No Gay versions at this time) The Goddess is female, the God is male. That is sacred law. However you may denote from them being around one another at all, because a God/dess needs time to just be with herself/himself too.

    I want to see these versions by Jan 5th 2020! You can send them in via the Contact page or send them to my email at (Copy and paste this and take out the nospam part) If you have questions about these assignments send me an email as well.
    #NewRedes #remaking-paganism-boundaries-for-a-modern-era #PaganismCommunity #Paganism #PaganCollective #PaganNews #AnaMassien

  • Ana Massien 5:11 am on December 12, 2019 Permalink  

    An Open letter to the Pagan webmaster 

    Greetings Pagan or Wiccan/Neo Pagan, Druid and such more webmasters,

    I hope you are having a wonderful day or evening/night. I wish to invite you to this blog and its website community to see if you would be interested in preserving the past as well as pressing onward with our futures as pagan, I am creating a Branch or collective where we, the pagans and so on will re define our community as a whole. Every networking pagan is welcome to attend this blog and community as long as they participate in goals we will set in place.

    1. We want to re create a Council of Pagans, be we called Interfaith movement or something similar or 34 webmasters at the start that want to further and better our community as a whole, we will then seek even more seats to be filled once we start and collect the 34 seats. These seats will hopefully reach across the community and connect us all in good and diverse faiths. With today’s culture we are bound to spark some good matches and hopefully then everyone can add something to our new movement.
    2. We want to re create the redes, ethics, guidelines by which we all do magick and ritual so that people that don’t know can pull a doc and go of this is what they do, no need to fear that then. This is a new informational age. We are not here to rule anything or anyone, as normal anyone could freely create whatever it is they want to create. We just give people a place to promote it should that be what they want to do. This may even cut down on facebook page/group abuse as facebook sometimes lashes out at community pagan things. (people snoozing others, and so on) Again, everyone is invited to participate, even if you don’t believe in God/dess paganism.
    3. This is not done for popular trend or status. This is because people are falling out of like with the old paganism and wiccan foundations and are making their own things. I agree that they can make their own things. Share your own things too here with us.
    4. Rather than us being a ruling body that oversees paganism and such, we aren’t, we are a Collection of what is present. If you want to be seen or heard this will be your area.
    5. If it’s not something that calls to you then I understand. Feel free to follow the project however on the blog if that is your interest. Please do not bring a negative vibe with you if following to hinder this project, you will just be ignored/blocked.

    Thank you for your time. I hope you will consider joining us and writing up something for our movement in the meantime!

    — Ana Massien

  • Ana Massien 3:46 am on December 12, 2019 Permalink  

    My Name is Ana Massien. I am 47 yrs old and 42 on paper (Adoptive parents changed birthdays and years for tax purposes). I am an Aries, and I am a Pagan (open) and Shaman (Native not American) and a Heatheru (something old and personal) and this is a sort of reclaiming tradition as well, but probably never largely practiced which is fine. I am not trying to re create it for people who shouldn’t and couldn’t be apart of something they can not participate in. What makes one Pagan in Origin? Most of the time its because people celebrate or worship many gods. I do not pay homage to any God/dess. In Heatheru, we believe we are the Equivalent of our Gods, we are sacred life, people did not celebrate heatheru life, they were heatheru life, and so many people elsewhere seem to think because I think of myself as a God I am mighty and ego driven, I am neither of these things. I draw breath and life like all other manner of beings and spirits. When we say Gods, we mean spirit beings. We don’t mean whiny assholes who think of themselves in a mighty fashion. What good would that do? To a Pagan of Neo and so on if asked they would say Our bible is the wind and rain. But too the Heatheru, we are the wind and rain that falls. Instead of having a system where we pray to a God, we are the God we pray too, and because people see the Hierarchy of Gods in a way where they step up to a God as a pagan, we are already there. We are simple people, you don’t do something to someone else because they wronged you only, you do it because its integrity.
    I have been pagan/shaman and heatheru for going on nine years now. Heatheru is also in another blog of mine: The Helm of the Skan. You’ll either love me you will hate the very breath of the land I stand on.

    What I am trying to do with Pagan Collective is simple. People probably think that the Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner Generation of wicca and neo paganism should never be updated. The American Council of witches was created then disbanded in 75. Why can’t we have something similar today? We have email, cell phones, skype — come on now I know we can all meet and make this work. People have voices and want to be heard. They want to be recognized. Well why can’t they be? I think this is a great idea to give more of us a calling, and connections to make our own things a reality. You do not need anyone’s permission. Let’s do this. I don’t have an issue with the old way out of respect, but that is NOT my pagan community. So if its not something I find favor with, I am sure I am not the only one. Let’s create something new, better, brighter.

    It seems like to me that people with orgs are the only people that can or should be listened too. That is not how half the pagan websites and communities got started is it? Nope.

  • Ana Massien 3:28 am on December 12, 2019 Permalink
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    What the "Pagan Collective" is about, with respect to the beginning 

    This is a Community subject to change. The Mission behind this project is simple: Give pagan members a common ground in which to discuss and affirm new community guidelines, documents, creeds, beliefs and more for a Post Pagan Generation movement.

    We are no longer the Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner, Scott Cunningham community where we are afraid to speak the word Satan, and recognize that we are a pagan community in general as a whole just starting out, we have been out for a very long time.

    We seek to propose that a New Council of Pagans, witches and shamans be made, several people recognized for their efforts to sustain a peaceful way of living life for online and offline life, gathers and festivals in addition to stores/shops and services and resources. New Redes, New Charges, written by Pagans like YOU. (Yes, you). These are modern times. Our Paganism Commune needs to be modern as well.

    What we need from you: To get in touch. I created this on ning (and on wordpress) because it has a membership community, become involved and help develop the new pagan generation community project along with me and anyone else joining.

    Fairness Act: All Pagans, even neo, druid, occult, etc Goddess worshipper, celebrator, or non belief in a God/dess may also comment, join and participate, any community may be represented, etc. We also invite any old community pagans still around in to this project as well. Let’s find our common ground. Be fair also – no stealing ideas to make another community from this one. That is bad form.

    • This is not being done so I can be popular/cool/fit in or to gain “traction”.
    • Many people are afraid to offend someone for doing something their own way. Why? The beginning lists poems and guidelines to follow, every webmaster in their own way remakes these rules whenever they create a community, group or circle. This is the same principle.
    • The founders of modern wicca and such would like for us to continue on with their dreams I am sure of it. Why can we not?
    • We are not here to write rules and tell you what to do, we are here to build up our communities rather than split them apart. We have a “body” where we have articles written on what we do, what we don’t do, what we celebrate and how and how we have a ritual or meetup or a gathering and how we do not.
    • We will represent you, and you will represent a more modern community and essays and more can still be written for the modern pagan long after new “Redes” / Charges and more can be chosen.
    • We will always represent and respect the past with a section for foundations on paganism and wicca in the online and offline community.
    • This will help community recognize Elderhood in those who are here and still present and may even garner new respects in those areas.
    • Anyone can be on the Council which is not so much a ruling senate but more of a Presentation to the community as a whole. All you need to to get in touch, join our ning currently as well as follow this blog, submit items and participate in our community, and invite others who you feel may be interested.
    • Please do not join for a negative purpose.

    If you don’t like this idea you are free to pass us on by.

    #news, #pagan-collective, #pagan-news, #remaking-paganism-boundaries-for-a-modern-era
  • Ana Massien 9:24 pm on January 12, 2020 Permalink
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    The Wikia 

    On the wikia or fandom, I am starting to add some symbols, both old and new as well as define some of the traditions of the new pagan community as well as speak of the old pagan community.

    I put this on wikia/fandom because it is easy to join and add pages, images and so on that you would like to contribute to the wikia.

    Here is the url again in case you forgot:

  • Ana Massien 5:18 pm on January 12, 2020 Permalink

    Come try the chat

  • Ana Massien 5:16 pm on January 12, 2020 Permalink
    Tags: Chat

  • Ana Massien 5:04 pm on January 12, 2020 Permalink  

    The Ning 

    We are going to be phasing out the use of, and focus more on the blog here as well as the wikia.

    There are a particular crowd of pagans on ning and they hang around the do not advertise anything here people… leaves a taste of blandness in my mouth, like they are the 1# source of everything pagan or occult. But if you are doing something different on ning, well I am either gonna join it and never post anything, or I am going to ignore it and hopefully it goes away.

    Joining a site does not mean you have joined an elite “space” a social community only grows if you post things. Many people say well I didn’t know what to post? Well, how about paganism things if we are a pagan community? lol Add links, blogs like my paganism path and so on.. I really did not know how to respond to the “I didn’t know what to post” remark…

    Plus these drains on ning that forbid any advertising and so really take the fun out of things for other pagans who do allow advertising, like our sites we allow free and paid advertising. They literally suck out the fun or creativity sign of a member because they don’t want to see anyone do anything better than what they already have.

    Malicious people, not pagans.

  • Ana Massien 4:59 pm on January 4, 2020 Permalink
    Tags: join, links directory, , pagan community,, social community, webs 

    The Chapterhead & the website are updated!

    The New Layout for on webs!
  • Ana Massien 4:50 pm on January 4, 2020 Permalink
    Tags: , , , works   

    Trimming followers 

    I have had to trim followers to the blog as people are adding multiple accounts or accounts bound to help people make money with their blogs. This is not what pagan collective is about. So please, just follow with one account. I am not going to need that kind of services here. We actually care about the community, so this is not a method to gimmick money out of others.

    This week I will be skimming out the project further, creating pages on what we will be doing, needing and so on.

    You can still submit your own articles.

    Thanks and chat back at you all later,

    Ana Massien

    White Girl Shaman

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